The Hotel Industry’s Energy Cost Problem

The Manufacturing Industry’s Energy Cost Problem

Manufacturers across the U.S. and indeed the entire world are starting to see energy costs as one of the most significant unaddressed issues facing their industry.

A hotel is a huge consumer of electricity, and that consumption is split up into a decent variety of different purposes. Here’s a rough breakdown of the average large hotel’s electric bill according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration: Space cooling: 27% Lighting: 23% Space heating: 11% Office equipment: 7% Ventilation: 7% Refrigeration: 6% Water heating: 6% Cooking: 1% Other: 13% As you can see, the prime targets for savings are lighting and HVAC costs, which combined make up over two-thirds of the total bill. How can Linsyx Energy products tackle those costs?

The Solutions

Lighting costs in a hotel are a constant plague — it doesn’t do to have your hotel’s hallway or parking lot lights turned off, yet for a huge portion of every night, they’re not illuminating anything except empty carpet and pavement. Even with a well-trained staff using basic conservation measures regularly, you’re still spending a dime per square foot per month just keeping nothing lit up. HVAC costs, all told, are the single largest part of any sizable hotel’s monthly utility bills. HVAC expenses for large buildings are almost entirely divisible into two parts: the costs of the fans that move the air, and the costs of the units that move heat into or out of the air. Both of these systems benefit hugely from properly conditioned energy. Enter Linsyx Energy. With our three-part solution, we’ll get your lighting and HVAC costs down by a guaranteed 20% minimum without any changes in your behavior or staff training. The first step is performing a complete energy audit to determine where your major losses are occurring. The second is switching your public-area indoor and outdoor lights over to induction lighting. The final step is installing a Linsyx Energy Money Saver system to offer you detailed programmable and sensor-based control over your lighting.

The Energy Audit

The purpose of an energy audit is simple: our experts will give your hotel a complete once-over and share a list of energy losses that you don’t need to be suffering with. We examine every use of natural gas, electricity, heat, and air in your entire structure, and we’ll tell you exactly where inefficiencies, oversights, and simple ignorance are costing you money every month.

Induction Lighting

Many hotels are in the process of upgrading to LED lighting, but for those genuinely interested in saving money, that’s a mistake. The much less hyped alternative called induction lighting has a significantly lower cost-per-bulb (especially for larger lights), is brighter per watt spent than an LED, and has essentially identical cost-per-month and expected lifespan. In other words, your ongoing expenses will be reduced by approximately the same amount, but your upfront expenses are lower with induction lighting — and your lights will be brighter, besides.

The Energy Money Saver

A profoundly powerful three-in-one device, the Energy Money Saver consists of: The Analyzer, a powerful monitor that continuously feeds information about your energy system back to the other two parts, as well as accepting input from a huge variety of potential sensors set up around your facility; The Saver, a power conditioner that resculpts the waveforms of the electricity coming into your building and shapes them into exactly the forms that will power your specific electrical devices with minimal losses to heat, undervoltage, overvoltage, and reactive power. The Server, a computer that accepts input from Analyzer and uses that input to execute preprogrammed instructions about what precisely to do with the systems that it controls. In short, the Analyzer is the ‘eyes and ears,’ sensing what’s going on across your grid and sending instructions to the Saver and the Server about what they should be doing to respond. The Saver is the ‘spinal cord,’ offering reflexive and automatic energy savings by fine-tuning your energy to your specific purposes. The Server, in turn, is the ‘brain and hands’ of the system. Together, these three steps unite to offer both constant low-level energy savings and to allow you the potential to set up an enormous amount of programmable savings. Setting lights to dim on any floor hall where motion hasn’t been sensed for five minutes, or temperature in the halls and staff area to drop by a few (or several) degrees between midnight and 5 AM, and other similar techniques can drive your costs downward — and once they’re set up, you don’t need to worry about them again! Looking to drive down your hotel’s monthly expenses? Linsyx Energy guarantees a 20% minimum off of your monthly energy bills. You can calculate how long that would take to pay itself off and become pure profit in your pocket — and then you can call Linsyx at 1.866.966.3670 and talk to an expert about exactly how we can help you.