Solutions for Energy Efficiency

Voltage Optimization

The ENERGY SAVER with integrated power conditioner of the newAA-3000 Series is an equipment line designed specifically to provide energy savings..

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Retail & Restaurants

Grocery stores are the largest consumer of electricity of retail stores.GreenWize Energy Solutions will present acomprehensive strategy for saving energy...

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Hospitality Energy

Save energy by controlling your enviorment remotely via home, office, or anywhere. Introducing Hospitality Energy Saver Linxsy Energy Saving Kit...

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Energy Saver

Reduce power consumption 24 hours per day. Solar Systems cost as much as 10 times as a 1GS Installation for the same wattage reduction..

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How a process should be done

How We Do It

Building Analysis

Planning for better results.

In the planning phase we take every aspect of your energy bill and condense it utilizing the lastest in technology

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Energy Audit

We Find the loop holes in your energy cost.

We research your enviornment to determine the best energy sources to condence your energy bills in half

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Reduce Energy Cost

Reducing the cost of business.

After the research & audit phase is complete we then produce yielding results ready for installation

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Lets get to work.

We now send our team of expert energy engineers to your location to install the energy saving technology

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Why Choose Us?

Linsyx Energy is exclusively and exhaustively focused on reducing your energy costs. We guarantee a 30% reduction on your energy consumption even if you don’t implement any active measures. That’s how powerful our proprietary system is.

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People Team


Houses Built


Offices Built

Across the World, utility bills continue to rise.

The systems and technologies we use will slash your energy bills using active, automated, and passive systems to reduce unnecessary expenditures and improve the efficiency of the energy you do need to use.

Voltage Optimization - 4 years Experience
Energy Saver Tech - 6 years Experience
Installtions - 5 years Experience
Restaurants & Retail - 7 years Experience
We specialise in creating Energy Solutions for all industries.
Through detailed Analysis we find the solution

We are a multi-discipline energy saving company with an extensive experience in various industries.